What is Teak Wood?

When choosing the type of wood for a patio furniture set, it can be a difficult decision; the wood’s color, durability, cost, weight, and general appeal are all major determining factors in the ideal patio furniture set. However, if you’ve been shopping around for a good, high-quality collection of solid wood patio furniture, you’ve likely come across several articles or ads talking about Teak Patio Furniture. This furniture is usually expensive, and the articles talking about it typically mention Teak as one of the best materials for outdoor furniture; but why? To answer that, let’s take a look at this fascinating wood, examine why people love Teak for outdoor furniture, and answer the question, just what is Teak Wood?

What Kind of Wood is Teak?

Teak is a tropical, closed (meaning the wood’s pores are smaller and more smooth) hardwood tree native to Southeast Asia, specifically Malaysia, Myanmar, and Thailand, with Indonesia having the largest amount of plantations. Teak is a highly valued word for its extraordinary, natural weather-resistant properties and high durability; this has led to Teak’s usage in boat building, deck building, and of course, patio furniture building.

What Properties Does Teak Have?

Teak wood contains high amounts of oils and naturally occurring rubber, which, alongside its tight grain, make it one of the most water and weather-resistant woods. On top of that, Teak is a hardwood and an extremely durable one at that; combined with its smaller, smoother pores, Teak is the ideal furniture for making outdoor furniture.

Why Is Teak So Expensive?

Teak’s high price tag is caused by a few reasons:

  • It’s Highly Valued – Teak’s natural properties make it an ideal building material for several industries. As we mentioned earlier, it’s used for furniture, boats, cutting boards, decks, and all manner of outdoor building materials.
  • It Takes Time To Harvest – While Teak is one of the faster-growing hardwoods, it still can take between 15-30 years before a single tree is ready for harvest.
  • It Is Resistant To Rot – Due to Teak’s natural oils and rubber, it is naturally resistant to rot. Teak can be left outside all year round for years without showing any signs of rot.
  • It Lasts – With Teak wood’s near complete weather resistance and durable nature, it is known as one of the most long-lasting types of wood out there; a good set of Teak furniture should last at least 50 years with minimal upkeep.

We should note that while Teak will last for years, its color will change with age: it shifts from a medium brown to having a silver patina.

Teak is often called the “king of outdoor woods” for a good reason. Its weather and rot resistance, combined with its natural durability, make it a lifelong investment. On top of that, its excellent color only grows more beautiful as it ages making it a beautiful addition to any outdoor garden or patio. If you would like to browse our selection of solid teak patio furniture, you can follow the link here.

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