High Quality Teak Patio Furniture

If you’re looking for wood outdoor furniture, look no further than teak. Teak is the king of durable woods, as it will hold up incredibly well for many years. In fact, teak patio furniture can last so long that you can even pass it down to the next generation. The high quality makes teak furniture a great investment, as you won’t need to replace your garden furniture for a very long time. Teak also needs very minimal maintenance, making it a convenient option too. All it needs to keep it looking perfect is the occasional light sanding and gentle cleaning to remove any dirt from the surface. That’s it. Teak is dense and straight-grained. It lasts well as it will not warp or crack. It also has a high mineral content which makes it resistant to rotting, no matter how much it rains. Over time, the surface of the teak will weather to a silver-gray shade, which is just as beautiful as the original wood tone.

At Summer Cedar, we have a range of options for high-quality teak patio furniture, suitable for any outdoor space. Whether you need a small bench for the balcony, or a large dining set to host guests on the patio, we have something beautiful and of great quality to offer you. Teak will look beautiful for years to come and give you outdoor furniture you’ll love.

Teak Chairs and Benches

Teak is a classic option for garden furniture, making it a great choice for chairs and benches. Buy beautiful dining chairs, with the option to add a cushion in various colors, to pair with your outdoor dining table. If you like to entertain and sometimes need extra chairs, our teak stacking or folding chairs are ideal. They can be stored out of the way when you don’t need them and easily pulled out when you have more people using the garden or patio. If you want to really relax, try the adjustable armchair, chaise lounger, steamer chair, or rocking chair. Add seats for more people with a bench, or add gorgeous detail to your porch with a teak porch swing.

Teak Tables and Sets

If you love to eat al fresco, then a teak dining table or dining set is a good choice. Our teak range includes tables of various sizes, whether you want a small table to enjoy your coffee on the balcony, or need a large table to seat the whole family or entertain guests in the garden. An extension table is a great option, as it can be extended when you need it, and kept compact when you don’t need it, so you have more space. Paired with folding or stackable chairs, this is a great space-saving option. For two, we have the bistro set, or for larger families, you can opt for round, octagonal, oval, or rectangular tables in various sizes. For the complete finish, we also have the Patio Table Set, which includes a table, four chairs, and an umbrella to protect you from the sun.

If you would like to peruse our entire catalog, you can check it out here.

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